If you've invested in a set of alloy wheels for your car, the

chances are that you'll want to keep them in excellent condition, as this will help maintain the look and residual value of your motorcar. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and scuffed alloys and kerbed alloy wheels are an all to common occurrence.
The good news is that Mobile Mag Repairs offers customised solutions to the residual value of your motor, repairs, custom colour changes, scratches, gauges, customising of brake calliper’s
Our service eliminates the need to purchase new alloys and completely refreshes the look of your car. Our alloy repair techniques for scuffed alloys, kerbed alloy wheel rims and spokes are not only fast, but also professional and cost-effective.

Professional Alloy Repairs

Our experienced Mag Repair specialists can undertake the most appropriate repairs on your alloys. We don't make compromises when it comes to the final finish - you can expect nothing but professional, outstanding results that last.
Our alloy wheel repair service works by us cleaning and sanding the damaged area, and then applying a filler, primer and paint application.